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Born in Bulgaria in ’80s but before ’89, raised by a brave, bibliophile, critically thinking, nonconformist single mother in an analogue post-communist world with piano playing as my main occupation from the age of five. Listened to gramophone records (the Beatles, the Queen, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, dramatized tales) before even have a television at home.

First entered world wide web (web 1.0) in ’98 and have been online, observing its evolution, expansion, transformation (in web 2.0 and beyond), consciously developing digital media literacy and participatory culture since then. Ever interested in interconnections between different domains, ever drowning in information, but thirsty for knowledge.

Once active in message boards, I have never been active and even less passionate user of social media but deeply (now scientifically) interested in this mean of communication between people and the way that (de)forms the public sphere. Now (at the start of 2022), I am at the end of a Ph.D. programme in media policy/european studies with a project on the intermediary liability of online platforms, focused on the balance  between freedom of expression and online safety.

Expect and will be glad to meet people with similar interests (not necessarily views) and topics of study here.

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