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Academic CV

I am in the third (last) year as a PhD student at Sofia University on a full-time basis. In the winter semester of the 2020/2021 academic year I lectured students at Information policy of the European Union and in the summer semester I am lecturing students in another discipline – European Approach to Media Literacy. I am skilled in new digital technologies and active production of online creative content with 15 years of professional experience in the media sector as an editor and editor-in-chief. Since 2019 I have been a member of the Media Literacy Coalition in Bulgaria, taking part in all kind of initiatives and events, doing research, managing all online media channels and developing educational content for schools. In 2018 I completed a Master in European and Media Studies with Excellence Scholarship from Sofia University with a master’s thesis topic on the role of video games for the development of media literacy (graded excellent).

My research interests gravitate towards the challenges at the intersection of media, technology and democracy. The list of academic publications of mine include papers on the topics of Liability of online platforms in the EU and the US in 2020 – discourses and policies; Liability of online platforms in the context of the EU law; Revising liability of online platforms in the European Union, United Kingdom and USA: comparative analysis of legislative reforms; The growing role of the electronic media for the media literacy of the audience in the age of the information crisis; Media literacy in Bulgaria in 2020 – between media and educational policies and the civil sector; The European Parliament elections in 2019: limitations in the analysis of online media content in Bulgaria.

In 2019-2020 I took part in an ambitious study of the coverage of the European Parliament elections in 2019 in leading Bulgarian online media and social media campaigns of the candidates who won the elections for MEPs that is yet to be published. At the beginning of 2021, I also took part in the postponed 2020 ECREA Summer School (Winter 2021) and the Children Online Research Evidence project (CO:RE) as a national team leader and main researcher and coder. In 2020 and 2021 I also wrote three papers on two surveys, the second one designed by me – on the Development of media literacy through distant education from the perspective of teachers and students and Media, family and children’s development – the habits, the (self)assessment and the attitudes of the parents.

[and here is my underdevelopment non-maintained researchgate profile]

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